obama09_16602245A lot has happened in the last 72 hrs and most of the hype was from the presidental election that took place between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Since become President Elect, Barack Obama has started on choosing his cabinet that will help make the right change for America.

After the loss Sarah Palin returned home, but now she’s been getting a lot of negative attention…mainly from her own campaign!!!! WTF?!

All in All there are still a lot of people upset about Barack, I mean A BLACK MAN becoming president. Today reported on my local news, a man in Mercer County (Pittsburgh, PA) had his car burned and Obama was spray painted on the back! To think it’s 08 we have someone in office that is supposed to help brush all this racial stuff to the side and people still acting crazy!

But what i don’t understand is the fact that the 55% of the voters that didn’t vote for President Elect Obama don’t want to cooperate.  I really hope that people don’t believe this win was just a big win for black people, this was a win for humanity and we should take all this in stride and keep it moving instead of wanting to start a race war.








If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you get out and vote before the polls close, If your in line while the polling place is closing, you still are allowed to vote. Make sure your not shunned away from the polling place! America we’re way over due for a change!

Kanye’s new shoe!!!

October 31, 2008

nike does it again! nike air yeezy’s!

This shoe is exclusive and hasn’t been priced yet, but I betcha if i wanted a pair i could have the black ones!!! LOL

You got T Pain + Kanye + Hot Production+Twista= Go Hard Remix!

(Download) T Pain & Kanye – Go Hard Remix

[VS] Tyga vs. Wiz Khalifa

October 15, 2008

Ink my whole body – Wiz Khalifa [Star Power/2008]

Fly Definition – Tyga

They Say I look like Tyga man/ I Put some lime in a swisher sweet/ And twist it all up~Wiz

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[T Pain] Featuring Luda

October 13, 2008

Some of you may have heard this song already, but it deserves a REpost!


I’d like to question this guy…I got at least 10 good ones.

1. Why the **** did you pierce your face????

xbox live gamertag: Souljaboytellem


To celebrate Lil’ Wayne‘s 26th birthday, rapper Birdman threw him a huge party on Monday in Miami hotspot Mansion nightclub.

There was large Cash Money Records ice sculpture in the room. And the sculpture was holding bottles of Cristal, which usually retail for $1,000. There were 30 bottles there alone.


Other ice sculptures had $100 bills frozen inside.

talk about doing it big! LV suitcase with a cool Million in it!!! c’mon!

Since the Tennessee Titans drafted cornerback Adam Jones in 2005 he’s been questioned, named or arrested in connection with at least eight off-field incidents:

• Strip club incident

Where: Atlanta

When: April 2005

What: Jones’ name appeared on the police incident report after a fight broke out in a strip club. The female involved said she had no plans to pursue the case and it was dismissed.

• Hotel incident

Where: Nashville

When: June 2005

What: Security officials at Regal Maxwell House Hotel had trouble getting two of Jones’ friends to clear their room after checkout time. Police arrived, smelled marijuana and found some on a tabletop. Jones was in the room, but one of his friends took full responsibility for the evidence.

• Nightclub arrest

Where: Nashville

When: July 2005

What:Jones was arrested on two counts of misdemeanor assault and a felony count of vandalism after a fight at a Nashville nightclub. Charges were dismissed less than a year later.

• Vehicle confiscation

Where: Nashville

When: April 2006

What: Metro Police said a vehicle registered to Jones was involved in a drug trafficking ring. “Pac Man” was embroidered on the leather seats of a 2004 Cadillac XLR which was confiscated from a friend of Jones. Jones later bought the car back at an auction.

• Shots fired

Where: Nashville

When: April 2006

What: Jones was at the scene where gunshots were fired following an altercation at a Nashville gas station at 1:50 a.m. Police questioned Jones but labeled him only as a witness. The incident occurred just three days after the vehicle confiscation.

• Nightclub arrest

Where: Murfreesboro, Tenn.

When: Aug. 2006

What: Jones was arrested and charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, for an incident at Sweetwater Saloon. With six months of good behavior the charges will be dropped, a judge ruled last month.

• Spitting incident

Where: Nashville

When: Oct. 2006

What: Jones was issued a citation for misdemeanor assault after being accused of spitting in the face of a Tennessee State student following a verbal exchange at a downtown nightclub. The charge was dismissed in general sessions court earlier this month.

• Triple shooting

Where: Las Vegas

When: Feb. 2007

What: Jones took a plea deal to reduce felony charges to a gross misdemeanor. He got probation in return for his testimony about the triple shooting that left one man paralyzed.

— The Tennessean



Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones got into a fight with one of his security guards at a downtown Dallas hotel on Wednesday morning, according to Dallas police.

Dallas’ CBS affiliate, KTVT, first reported Wednesday that Jones was involved in an altercation at the Joule Hotel in Dallas, damaging a bathroom.



I guess he won’t be satisfied til, they kick his ass out the NFL (Not For Losers!!!!) Get cha life together Pacman. Straight up.

Gilbert distributed 10,000 of the fake greenbacks in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2008 to call attention to the economic crisis gripping the nation.(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Vote For “That One” November 4th!!!

For this week I brought a couple of my friends in to predict the games (Check it out):

Jeff [11-3]

Sledgren [10-4]

Josh [10-4]

Mieka [10-4]

Motor [9-5]

  • Titans 13 @ Ravens 10 F
  • Chiefs 0 @ Panthers 34 F
  • Bears 34 @ Lions 7 F
  • Falcons 27 @ Packers 24 F
  • Colts 31 @ Texans 27 F
  • Chargers 10 @ Dolphins 17 F
  • Seahawks 6 @ Giants 44 F
  • Buccaneers 13 @ Broncos 16 F
  • Bills 17 @ Cardinals 41 F
  • Patriots 30 @ 49ers 21 F
  • Bengals 22 @ Cowboys 31 F
  • Steelers 26 @ Jaguars 21 F
  • Vikings 30 @ Saints 27 F

This Week’s picks are up! if you’d like to play, my pool is free!!!

NFL Week 6 Picks [download]

If you want to play email your picks to me before Noon Sunday!!!!


I just touched down in Portland, Maine…went to the radio station & met the DJ for WRED 95.9 who wasn’t 100% sure what part of PA Wiz was from. The plane ride wasn’t long at all either, 15-20 mins after being in my seat my eyes were wide shut. I woke up  to what i thought was irregular turbulence, but we were actually landing.


3pm @ the Hilton Garden Inn, so far it’s looking dry in Portland…No w##d, by this time we’d be smoking good and i’m pretty sure we won’t be disapointed. It’s kinda wild being by the bay especially because I’ve never been this far north.

(Later on that day…) What Up! After getting a little taste of the “Flavor of Love” marathon I took a rest from VH-1 & Look! What do we have here?!!! 7pm and the funk is in da house!!! We smoking Sour-that Sour Diesel (ha ha, thats good smoke if y’all don’t know), but you know how it is when you rolling with “Young Khareefa”.

You can’t get no more official than the Taylor Gang…Stay in the fliest hotels…Smoke the best grade…in a city we know not so well (star life!) It might be hard to believe but we have only begun to take this STAR sh*t to a whole other level. Believe that!

I’ve been many places, seen many faces, & who can blame me for having fun?

Wiz in the studio w/ Rico Wade.


When you gonna return my emails nigga!!!! LOL j/k Wat Up Wiz, I see you doin ya thing!

Kimbo, Sliced!!!

October 7, 2008




All it took was 14 seconds for heavily favored Kimbo Slice to be eradicated in a match with an almost unworthy opponent (or so we thought).

Gov. Palin came out with a little jitters, but overall they both bored the hell outta me. I was sleep before the end, the moderator wasn’t up to par either, hardly keeping both Sen. Biden & Gov. Palin on time.

Tonight be sure to watch the Vice President electoral debate between Sen. Biden (Dem.) & Sen. Palin (Rep.). Which is already set to be one of the most talked about.

People are curious to see which Sarah Palin will show up at the debate tonite & will Sen. Biden be able to answer his questions with ample enough time to keep people awake.

{Please check your local listings for time}

(on set of 'Trading Places' video)
(on set of (on set of


Alt. Blog!!! WTF?

October 1, 2008

As I flex my brain muscles to show off my inner comedy self, check what else I talk about.


It’s the celebrity and music version of Hellomotor.com! EnjoY [or don’t] IDGAF!

Smoke Sumthn\’ B*tch! – Yeahh Boyz

NFL Week 4 – The Breakdown

September 30, 2008

Now this week I’m a do it a little different, from here on out there will be picks up from the upcoming games (that which me and my council will handle) for y’all to see. This week I started out good but ended up  just shy of .500 thanks to my Stiller  boyz!


#21 Mewelde Moore breaks for a big gain in the NFL game breaking play of the night.

  1. [  ] Ravens ( 2-0) @ Steelers (2-1) [♦ ]
  2. [ ♦  ] Browns (0-3) @ Bengals (0-3) [  ]
  3. [ ♦  ] Falcons (2-1) @ Panthers (2-1) [  ]
  4. [  ] Texans (0-2) @ Jaguars (1-2) [ ♦  ]
  5. [ ♦  ] Broncos (3-0)  @ Chiefs (0-3) [  ]
  6. [  ] 49ers (2-1) @ Saints (1-2) [  ♦ ]
  7. [  ] Cards (2-1) @ Jets (1-2)[ ♦  ]
  8. [ ♦  ] Packers (2-1) @ Buccaneers (2-1) [  ]
  9. [  ] Vikings (1-2) @ Titans (3-0)[ ♦  ]
  10. [ ♦  ] Chargers (1-2)  @ Raiders (1-2) [  ]
  11. [  ] Bills (3-0) @ Rams (0-3) [ ♦  ]
  12. [  ] Redskins (2-1) @ Cowboys 3-0) [ ♦  ]
  13. [ ♦  ] Eagles (2-1)  @  Bears (1-2) [  ]

Motor’s Record (7-6)

Both these guys should be fined for this hit!!!

I ain’t gon’ front, I like this jam.

Yea Boy!!!

Now isn’t it crazy that they would give the money for this big bailout back to the banks who put us in this crisis, but not only that do we have now, our “beloved” democracy covering up information that could have helped prevent us from getting even deeper.

And I say America where did we go wrong???

I gotta apologize y’all I been sick for past couple days, my nut a$$ dentist went hard on me and pulled out my wisdom tooth, now a nigga sick, But i can’t stop doin what I do best, and thats staying on top of stuff. So here ya go!

Mysonne v. E Ness

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

Lady Luck v. Reece Steele

Wiz Khalifa gives his opinion

shouts out to Khalifa man, and everyone that was involved. Looks like these niggaz was gettin it on, what cha’ll think?

Hit or Miss?

September 26, 2008

Ludacris featuring Chris Brown & Sean Garrett – What them Girls Like

I will admit that when I intially heard this song I didn’t like it, I’m not too fond of Luda anymore but this jam is aight with me. what do y’all think???

gucci mane – bricks featuring Yo Gotti. Yung Ralph, & Dj Holiday.

Wiz Khalifa @ Club Octane, WVU (Sept 18, 2008)

More swag for ya!

Max B & French Montana explain whats going on with the whole Jim Jones beef.

Sounds like to me Mr Dipset (Jimmy) has problems, he wants to black ball all video websites from hearing Max B, sounds like somebody’s got something to hide.

Plus, I got max b’s explanation of what went down between him and Jimmy.

Boaz – Gettin Mine {video}

I’m a give everyone that doesn’t know, a little bit more of this man, cause he’s doin his thizz.

Boaz – Latenite Studio Freestyle

Shot outs: Boaz, and the whole Gov’, Brick down at Timebomb, Dj Shef and the whole Point Blank Crew, and can’t forget shotout to my man CJ for the dope a$$ video.

DJ AM & Travis Barker Update

September 26, 2008

[Update] DJ Am & Travis Barker are the only survivors in this horrible plane crash that left them with 3rd degree burns. {thanks to Celebtv}

My heart and prayers go out to the families of the people who died in the plane crash and also the families of the survivors.

David Letterman rips John McCain for cancelling his show. [mUST sEE!]

[rECAP] Politics as Usual

September 26, 2008

CBS Interview; Katie Couric w/ Sarah Palin. {Does anyone know what she’s talking about, because I don’t think she knows… lol}

Sen. Obama knows what he’s talking about.  If McCain drops out of tonights debate, he’s really leaving more to be said about the erroneous McCain/Palin campaign.

Sen. Barack Obama gave a press avail in Washington D.C. yesterday.

Chris Brown – Fatal Attraction featuring Jers

Idk who this guy is but the songs’ hot w/o him. Sorry homie!

A little preview of what’s to come…

T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake – Dead & Gone T.I. featuring The Dream – Like I Do

T.I. is back with some hits, what cha’ll boyz gon’ do?!

 Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – Bird Walk {New Single}

What do y’all think about the bird walk?

Drake – Still Fly

i believe i’m still fly 2, but lemme know if anybody thinks he sounds like someone else…
Matter of fact, I ain’t never came down homie…

Holla if you got me & F**k ya if had me!

I’m all in this music shyt, recognize a real journalist (ha!)

I heard this song on the radio a month ago and couldn’t think of for the love of me who this young lady is. well here is her debut video for her single “T Shirt”

Sing it baby.. Owwww!

U gotta ride tha wave

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "[new music] Shontelle – T-Shirt ", posted with vodpod

That Jigga need a haircut

September 24, 2008

check out Mr.Carter’s baby fro! Jay-Z must be going for that Obama look but homie’s hair ain’t as wavvvy! lol

Wat up Mr. Carter! Comments anyone?

Tomlin raises his arms in victory over the Ravens 13-9

Tomlin raises his arms in victory over the Ravens 13-9

[BLOGorDIE!] Swag

October 30, 2008

Fashion by Buyable

North Carolina and New Jersey fans expecting to see Lil Wayne this weekend will again be forced to wait, as the New Orleans emcee has canceled two big arena shows in Raleigh and Atlantic City.


According to Ticketmaster, this Friday (October 31), the rap star was scheduled for a headlining performance at the RBC Arena in Raleigh, NC.

Obviously, things happen, when your on the road and you expect venue mgr’s to have everything in order and setup when you get there. That doesn’t always happen, I know from experience and seeing when stars are booked you have to make sure that the venue is in condition for a excellent show. Wayne shouldn’t show up to a venue and the sound system is poop! If you got the money to book Lil Wayne then your venue should have a sound system thats A+ certified (or least sound like it!).

As for the Fans, I know how it feels to be on the other end when you spent all this money to see these guys perform and they don’t show. Sometimes it’s devastating, to others its just more of a reason to f*ck with that artist less. In this battle, your pretty much helpless (unless you make undisclosed amounts of donations to that venue for a better sound system! LOL), so I would continue to buy the music & just try and trust the venue that hosts the artist. If the venue doesn’t look funny and the ppl are on point, then you should question the artist.


Last year’s NFL superbowl champs came to The Burgh and for all those New Yorkers, they didn’t disappoint. The Steelers & the Giants both had identical records before the game, but when the last whistle blew the scoreboard read 21-14 in favor of the NY Giants. Pissed wasn’t the word to describe, as I placed my terrible towel back in it’s spot on the wall until next week, I couldn’t help but to think _what if?
What if James Harrison wouldn’t have snapped the ball over Mitch Berger’s head, causing a safety and a 14-14 tie!
What if Willie Colon wouldn’t have been called for holding on a 49yd toss to Nate Washington?
What if Nate Washington would have caught that pass over the middle instead of getting knocked senseless and dropping the ball right into the opposing teams defense?
What if our leage leading linebacker corps would have register some sacks against ELi?

All these what if’s don’t amount to jack, but i bet they are key things that will be brought up in next week’s prep for the Steelers battle in Washington against another NFC opponent (Redskins). Protection Possession* Pressure (the QB)* 3 things the Steelers need to work on, or it will be more L’s than we can afford.

I’ve been really busy with work, managing all my PR stuff for indie label Heavy Hustle Records and my “9am-5pm” @ the office as a Job Developer Clerk, due to all this my blogging duties have slumped!!! So don’t for one second think that I’m gone, I’ve fell off the face of this ROUND earth (for those of you that still think it’s flat! (lol). I just been busy with life, but hey! that’s what blogging is for, right?

I keep a daily log to myself, just in case stuff like this happens and I can’t blog for a day or so. So I’ll just keep you updated sporadically. I’ll be starring as an extra in a film called “Sorority Row” Monday, so I’ll have some news about that, I don’t know what I’m going to be doing, but I’m hoping that I at least get 3 seconds of screen shots so that I can dub it! (lol) I’m very confident that this won’t be my last movie appearance either. I’m really looking forward to becoming a thespian (sounds like lesbian), so I shall mark this event as my Road to Stardom!

Thanks again for making my blog pop, no don’t stop! (that was corny)