Latest from Sen. Obama

September 21, 2008

(Sen.Obama was in N.Carolina)
I wrote a poem that I call “A Letter to Obama” :

My Letter to Senator Obama
by Motor

The Economy’s messed up and everybody needs work
They say history brings change cause the old tactics ain’t work
Our children on welfare and too broke for healthcare
We put politicians in position
They act like they don’t care
Your the voice for the people
There’s work to be done
If you look at the murder rate most are fatherless sons
I know thirteen to fifteen year olds carrying guns
This here is reality, It’s nothing like tv
I know your from Illinois but we need you in DC
I’m living the married life and thats cause I choose to
Provide for my family cause thats what a man do
So tired of the slander and I understand you
Thats why it’s more than just US residents
Who want Obama for President
Brought forth with intelligence a brother whose’s skin match
Although it is relevant
He means to me more than that
A chance for a new beginning say bye to the old way
I’m all for the competition but forget what McCain say
Cause he’ll be the one thats down November 2008


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