Ice T talks trash

September 22, 2008

I was going to post a video I saw from World Star Hip Hop about Ice T just to talk about Ice T, but I decided I didn’t need it. He had a problem with Soulja boy,(maybe cause he’s gettin money) idk, but I think that he is the last person to criticize about lyrical content. Ice T also self proclaims himself as “The Man” on Xbox, so what’s really good Ice?!
Don’t y’all think he’s a much better actor than a rapper? Need I say more???


One Response to “Ice T talks trash”

  1. samieka Says:

    Ice-T is most definitely a much, MUCH better actor than rapper. I feel that he shouldn’t get upset with someone else younger in the spot light. Ice-T is way too old to be talking bad to anyone. He needs to be a role model for the youngsters instead of putting them down, threatening, or disrespecting anyone’s lyrics. Ice-T is well known for his disrespectful rap back in the 80’s. He needs to leave Soulja Boy alone and let him make some music for the children.

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