Obama On The Issues, Sen. Barack Obama Talks To 60 Minutes, CBS

September 22, 2008

As I watched Sen.Barack on 60 minutes last night I took some notes on how I felt he did in that interview. I missed the first segment with Sen.McCain, nevertheless, I watched the second segment for both Senators. What I got from Obama:
*Stood his ground
*Shows Charisma
*Excellent general knowledge
*Very Easy to Comprehend
He talked about the tax rise not being significant to anyone who makes UNDER $250,000 a year, he talked about his focus on realigning our troops in Afghanistan and what his plans are once he is President. Very good piece last night.

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One Response to “Obama On The Issues, Sen. Barack Obama Talks To 60 Minutes, CBS”

  1. samieka Says:

    I would have to say that if America picks Obama, it will definitely be a big change for the better. I do not vote, never have, but reading your blogs on Obama and listening to his speeches on TV, makes me want to vote.
    Obama is well organized, well-spoken and very educated. He knows what is best for the United States and unlike the other Presidents, I know that he will do EVERYTHING he says he would for us, even if it means “going the extra mile.”

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