Steelers 101 by Motor

September 23, 2008

The Pittsburgh Steelers are (2-1) going into next week which isn’t bad, but they have a lot to look at after last weeks loss to Philadelphia.  Already this season through the past 3 games the Steelers have given up a whopping 12 sacks. The problems with the offensive line looked to be somewhat under control, but since the beginning of the season we still haven’t been able to keep opposing defenses from getting to our prized quarterback. 

I watched the game against the Eagles and although the line looked bad, Big Ben didn’t look too sharp either, nevertheless, If I was sacked 8 times, (5 which came in one drive) I would be reluctant to step back onto the field as well. Ben took punishment but one paticular play that I recall, He (Big Ben) eludes the defense, steps up in the pocket and still holds onto the ball instead of dumping it off to one of his hot route recievers.  Plays like that are opportunities that shouldn’t be passed up especially when you have a defense taunting you with 8 sacks, a forced fumble, and a saftey.

By the end of the 4th qtr with 2 mins left, the Steelers were still within range of a come from behind win. Byron Leftwich came in and guided the offense all the way down to the Eagles 25yd  where a field goal in any other circumstances may have been efficient, but in this game, not so. I totally agree with Coach Tomlin’s decision to go for it on 4th down, If the Steelers would have kicked the field goal they still would be down by another score and would have to recover the onside kick and once again rush down the field (against a defense that already sacked the O 9 times).

My Report Card:

  • QB’s — D
  • RB’s — C-
  • WR’s — C
  • OL — D
  • DL — B
  • LB’s — B
  • DB’s — C


Give the ball to Fast Willie…


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