Barack Billion Dollar Bill

September 24, 2008

I came up with an idea that if Barack Obama does become the President of the United States, should he be immortalized into some form of currency (dollars or cents)? I find it an interesting question because if they did decide to do so, whose to say they wouldn’t just make a commemorated coin or dollar bill that isn’t worth any real value. I doubt highly that the consensus would be to replace any other president in exchange for his face, but the way history has been, I feel very strongly that this question isn’t something thats on the minds of many. So I’m bringing to your minds!


One Response to “Barack Billion Dollar Bill”

  1. samieka Says:

    Yes, yes, and yes!!! Obama made history. He is the 1st black man to ever go this far to run for President. He definitely deserves his “badge of honor” w/ MONEY!!
    But the only question is, “Is this world full of hatred and prejudice where no one will recognize his achievments?”
    We shall soon see!

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