?Habla Espanol?

September 24, 2008


I used this picture just to add a little life to my short story. (A Spanish women)

I’ve come to realize that just speaking English is meaningless these days, so I’ve opted to learn the passionate language of Spanish (including Mexican Spanish). It’s always been a desire of mine to be able to speak fluently in something other than my english heritage.

You never know what is going on around you unless you understand it, now me being a quick learner, I figured out that the best way for me to learn is by saying phrases that I use in english. I started out with “Shut Up” (because I have kids, lol), I’m a Star B***h (because I am a star B-word! lol), and some others that are used by me and my friends from day to day. I’m not saying that everyone should learn spanish, but I would definitly encourage everyone to learn something new everyday because life is too short.

Ya Dig Me?


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