[mUST sEE!] David Letterman rips McCain

September 26, 2008

David Letterman rips John McCain for cancelling his show. [mUST sEE!]

One Response to “[mUST sEE!] David Letterman rips McCain”

  1. samieka Says:

    LMAO!! McCain is a looooser!! How are you running for president but you can’t commit to anything? Being the President of the United States means that you commit to the people of the USA to make it a better place. If he can’t commit to something this small, why should the citizens of the US trust him to put the power in his hands?? McCain can’t even have a proper speech in order. He doesn’t make sense on anything he says. Why would he be so stupid to run against a man who is well educated in his speech?? McCain is not “Captain Save America”, he is “Captain Save a Ho!!” lmao!

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