[VS] Tyga vs. Wiz Khalifa

October 15, 2008

Ink my whole body – Wiz Khalifa [Star Power/2008]

Fly Definition – Tyga

They Say I look like Tyga man/ I Put some lime in a swisher sweet/ And twist it all up~Wiz

One Response to “[VS] Tyga vs. Wiz Khalifa”

  1. samieka Says:

    You asked “who is hotter?” Well it depends…if you are talking about looks, then you know I have to go with Tyga cause I can’t look at family like that!! lol
    But, as far as music, Wiz got him beat for sure. Tyga can not and will never be on the higher level in the rap game than Wiz. He may look like him in some ways, but just because they look alike doesn’t mean that they sound the same and can produce #1 tracks every time. Wiz is the only one between them two that can and always will be labeled better than Tyga!!

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