Titans aren’t going 10-0! but they may last til 6-0…Steelers will punish that weak Defense that the Bengals have this week in Cincy & Although Brad Johnson isn’t Tony Romo, with a high powered but sputtering offense, the Cowboys shouldn’t divert to 4-3 this week, withe the mid-season pickup of Roy Williams, seems the sky’s the limit (not for the defense). I wouldn’t put my money on the Bronco’s either this week, playing in New England. The Patriots are 3-2 aren’t playing like a team that just went undefeated last season! Could that really be because of the loss of Tom Brady or the fact that they’re defense is sour with the loss of Asante Samuel? If your looking for a thriller you may want to watch the Chargers v. Bills game, these two teams could very likely be in the AFC championship game, so this could be a preview of what’s to come. The most boring game to watch this weekend would have to be the 0-5 Lions versus the 1-4 Houston Texans, neither team is playing for anything more than respect this week!

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