obama09_16602245A lot has happened in the last 72 hrs and most of the hype was from the presidental election that took place between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Since become President Elect, Barack Obama has started on choosing his cabinet that will help make the right change for America.

After the loss Sarah Palin returned home, but now she’s been getting a lot of negative attention…mainly from her own campaign!!!! WTF?!

All in All there are still a lot of people upset about Barack, I mean A BLACK MAN becoming president. Today reported on my local news, a man in Mercer County (Pittsburgh, PA) had his car burned and Obama was spray painted on the back! To think it’s 08 we have someone in office that is supposed to help brush all this racial stuff to the side and people still acting crazy!

But what i don’t understand is the fact that the 55% of the voters that didn’t vote for President Elect Obama don’t want to cooperate.  I really hope that people don’t believe this win was just a big win for black people, this was a win for humanity and we should take all this in stride and keep it moving instead of wanting to start a race war.

Kanye’s new shoe!!!

October 31, 2008

nike does it again! nike air yeezy’s!

This shoe is exclusive and hasn’t been priced yet, but I betcha if i wanted a pair i could have the black ones!!! LOL

You got T Pain + Kanye + Hot Production+Twista= Go Hard Remix!

(Download) T Pain & Kanye – Go Hard Remix

North Carolina and New Jersey fans expecting to see Lil Wayne this weekend will again be forced to wait, as the New Orleans emcee has canceled two big arena shows in Raleigh and Atlantic City.


According to Ticketmaster, this Friday (October 31), the rap star was scheduled for a headlining performance at the RBC Arena in Raleigh, NC.

Obviously, things happen, when your on the road and you expect venue mgr’s to have everything in order and setup when you get there. That doesn’t always happen, I know from experience and seeing when stars are booked you have to make sure that the venue is in condition for a excellent show. Wayne shouldn’t show up to a venue and the sound system is poop! If you got the money to book Lil Wayne then your venue should have a sound system thats A+ certified (or least sound like it!).

As for the Fans, I know how it feels to be on the other end when you spent all this money to see these guys perform and they don’t show. Sometimes it’s devastating, to others its just more of a reason to f*ck with that artist less. In this battle, your pretty much helpless (unless you make undisclosed amounts of donations to that venue for a better sound system! LOL), so I would continue to buy the music & just try and trust the venue that hosts the artist. If the venue doesn’t look funny and the ppl are on point, then you should question the artist.


Can You Guess that Booty Boy?

Can You Guess that Booty Boy?

Reality star and Princess Jasmine lookalike Kim Kardashian celebrates her 28th birthday today. Take a peek inside her boutique Dash in this video, and be sure to leave Kim all your best birthday wishes.

Lloyd – Year of the Lover (some slow sh*t 4 ya!)

Ciara featuring T Pain – Go Girl

Akon – Right Now Na Na Na

E-40 featuring Akon – Wake It Up

Trey Songz – In Ya Phone


If you ain’t up to speed, take two of these jams and a fresh blunt of that good and blog me in the morning!

]You know I had to get ya a quick recap of whats goin down in KANYE’S World! Lil’ bit of that New SHH & Sum of that New New SHH.

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Slid down the turnpike today for a show in Cleveland, Ohio. A place not very far from Pittsburgh & very familiar with our hometown football rivarly, but nevertheless, Coming here today reminded me why I don’t come here so often. It’s actually kinda funny because we kick the crap outta each other twice a year in opposing fields of play during the football season, so I feel like i actually do come here often! (I’m starting to ramble) The point I’m trying to make is that this trip down the turnpike was business as usual, yes we did our thang (wat up taylor gang! wat up Star Power!) but none the less, Even though I would love to sit here and type the whole front to back about what we’ve done here and planning on doing when we get back is… Hmm what do we do when we in the burgh??? if you know us, then you already know! Oh yeah, but this is for all those who chose to appose the vocoder aka auto tune! Bitch!!!

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T.I. Put on for ANY City!

October 16, 2008