Tomlin raises his arms in victory over the Ravens 13-9

Tomlin raises his arms in victory over the Ravens 13-9

Last year’s NFL superbowl champs came to The Burgh and for all those New Yorkers, they didn’t disappoint. The Steelers & the Giants both had identical records before the game, but when the last whistle blew the scoreboard read 21-14 in favor of the NY Giants. Pissed wasn’t the word to describe, as I placed my terrible towel back in it’s spot on the wall until next week, I couldn’t help but to think _what if?
What if James Harrison wouldn’t have snapped the ball over Mitch Berger’s head, causing a safety and a 14-14 tie!
What if Willie Colon wouldn’t have been called for holding on a 49yd toss to Nate Washington?
What if Nate Washington would have caught that pass over the middle instead of getting knocked senseless and dropping the ball right into the opposing teams defense?
What if our leage leading linebacker corps would have register some sacks against ELi?

All these what if’s don’t amount to jack, but i bet they are key things that will be brought up in next week’s prep for the Steelers battle in Washington against another NFC opponent (Redskins). Protection Possession* Pressure (the QB)* 3 things the Steelers need to work on, or it will be more L’s than we can afford.

For this week I brought a couple of my friends in to predict the games (Check it out):

Jeff [11-3]

Sledgren [10-4]

Josh [10-4]

Mieka [10-4]

Motor [9-5]

  • Titans 13 @ Ravens 10 F
  • Chiefs 0 @ Panthers 34 F
  • Bears 34 @ Lions 7 F
  • Falcons 27 @ Packers 24 F
  • Colts 31 @ Texans 27 F
  • Chargers 10 @ Dolphins 17 F
  • Seahawks 6 @ Giants 44 F
  • Buccaneers 13 @ Broncos 16 F
  • Bills 17 @ Cardinals 41 F
  • Patriots 30 @ 49ers 21 F
  • Bengals 22 @ Cowboys 31 F
  • Steelers 26 @ Jaguars 21 F
  • Vikings 30 @ Saints 27 F

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