Last year’s NFL superbowl champs came to The Burgh and for all those New Yorkers, they didn’t disappoint. The Steelers & the Giants both had identical records before the game, but when the last whistle blew the scoreboard read 21-14 in favor of the NY Giants. Pissed wasn’t the word to describe, as I placed my terrible towel back in it’s spot on the wall until next week, I couldn’t help but to think _what if?
What if James Harrison wouldn’t have snapped the ball over Mitch Berger’s head, causing a safety and a 14-14 tie!
What if Willie Colon wouldn’t have been called for holding on a 49yd toss to Nate Washington?
What if Nate Washington would have caught that pass over the middle instead of getting knocked senseless and dropping the ball right into the opposing teams defense?
What if our leage leading linebacker corps would have register some sacks against ELi?

All these what if’s don’t amount to jack, but i bet they are key things that will be brought up in next week’s prep for the Steelers battle in Washington against another NFC opponent (Redskins). Protection Possession* Pressure (the QB)* 3 things the Steelers need to work on, or it will be more L’s than we can afford.

I’ve been really busy with work, managing all my PR stuff for indie label Heavy Hustle Records and my “9am-5pm” @ the office as a Job Developer Clerk, due to all this my blogging duties have slumped!!! So don’t for one second think that I’m gone, I’ve fell off the face of this ROUND earth (for those of you that still think it’s flat! (lol). I just been busy with life, but hey! that’s what blogging is for, right?

I keep a daily log to myself, just in case stuff like this happens and I can’t blog for a day or so. So I’ll just keep you updated sporadically. I’ll be starring as an extra in a film called “Sorority Row” Monday, so I’ll have some news about that, I don’t know what I’m going to be doing, but I’m hoping that I at least get 3 seconds of screen shots so that I can dub it! (lol) I’m very confident that this won’t be my last movie appearance either. I’m really looking forward to becoming a thespian (sounds like lesbian), so I shall mark this event as my Road to Stardom!

Thanks again for making my blog pop, no don’t stop! (that was corny)


Good Pick for the Cowboys. ~ Sledgren

Mid Season WTF!! Tell em get a new pinky/ego 4 Romo! ~ Josh

It’s good for the lions! But Roy Williams don’t play defense so f**k Dallas. ~ Pizzle

Pacman’s suspended indefinatley now. lol ~ Sledgren

What did the lions get? ~ Motor

1st, 3rd, & 6th round draft picks. ~ Pizzle

Bears 20 @ Falcons 22 F

Dolphins 28 @ Texans 29 F

Ravens 3 @ Colts 31 F

Lions 10 @ Vikings 12 F

Raiders 3 @ Saints 34 F

Bengals 14 @ Jets 26 F

Panthers 3 @ Buccaneers 27 F

Rams 19 @ Redskins 17 F

Jaguars 24 @ Broncos 17 F

Cowboys 24 @ Cardinals 30 F

Eagles 40 @ 49ers 26 F

Packers 27 @ Seahawks 17 F

Patriots 3 @ Chargers 30 F

[MNF] Giants 14 @ Browns 35 F
This Week’s Winner is: Cash (12-2)

Cash (12-2)

Pizzle (10-4)

Butterz (10-4)

Motor (8-6)

Yates (8-6)

Slungle (7-7)

Sledgren (5-9)

Mieka (4-10)

Josh (DNP)

The Winner overall at the end of the season will win :

  • [Download Week 7 Picks]
  • Week 7 Sheet
    Wiz Khalifa – Star Power (Mixtape/2008)

When the playoffs begin the prizes will be greater!

  1. A winner will be awared at the end of each week [during the playoffs]
  2. There will be a grand prize winner for the super bowl and overall.

Anyone can join! You must play at least 3 weeks to be eligible for the playoffs. There will be more info on the playoffs at the end of Week 10.

I just touched down in Portland, Maine…went to the radio station & met the DJ for WRED 95.9 who wasn’t 100% sure what part of PA Wiz was from. The plane ride wasn’t long at all either, 15-20 mins after being in my seat my eyes were wide shut. I woke up  to what i thought was irregular turbulence, but we were actually landing.


3pm @ the Hilton Garden Inn, so far it’s looking dry in Portland…No w##d, by this time we’d be smoking good and i’m pretty sure we won’t be disapointed. It’s kinda wild being by the bay especially because I’ve never been this far north.

(Later on that day…) What Up! After getting a little taste of the “Flavor of Love” marathon I took a rest from VH-1 & Look! What do we have here?!!! 7pm and the funk is in da house!!! We smoking Sour-that Sour Diesel (ha ha, thats good smoke if y’all don’t know), but you know how it is when you rolling with “Young Khareefa”.

You can’t get no more official than the Taylor Gang…Stay in the fliest hotels…Smoke the best grade…in a city we know not so well (star life!) It might be hard to believe but we have only begun to take this STAR sh*t to a whole other level. Believe that!

I’ve been many places, seen many faces, & who can blame me for having fun?

Here’s the latest from Mr.Spacely himself, 26 blazing new tracks for your life. If you don’t know what swag is then maybe you should study Khalifa & the Taylor Gang…
Wiz Khalifa – Star Power