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Road Rage Gone Bad!

A lady is driving her car when a man cuts her off, Immediatly the woman is angered and chases the man down in order to cut him off, the man continues to be difficult by speeding ahead of the woman again but this time he stops the car, gets out and punches the woman in the face!  The woman, after being punched goes in her purse and pulls out a licensed pistol and shoots the man in the stomach. The man runs back to his car and drives himself to the hospital, the woman drives to the police station to report the incident.

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Sports Anchorman soils the day!

A sports anchorman for a local tv network gave some people a scare when he came to they’re home, once they asked the anchorman to leave, he pulled down his pants and urinated on the families couch! (WTF!!!!!)

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You’ve probably heard the rumors: “Barack Obama is a Muslim.” “John McCain confessed to being a war criminal.” The false rumors, spread by the Internet, have been forcefully and quickly refuted by both campaigns. Analysts say that’s the best way to deal with the lies — but that some rumors are so vague it’s almost impossible to shoot them down.
Obama has already thrashed McCain the last two meetings, I don’t think tonight will be any different.

(KDKA) Is what’s good for the heart, good for the brain? Researchers thought so. But after taking a closer look, it turns out, that may not be the case.

How many drinks a week does it take to shrink your brain?

“Ten or more. I just feel that’s excessive for most people,” estimates one young man walking near the University of Pittsburgh.

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I can’t believe it! Well believe this, this Saginaw home was sold for $1.75 on ebay!Joanne Smith, 30, recently was the top bidder for the home during an auction on eBay, The Saginaw News reported, in September 2008. Her bid was one of eight for the home. She must pay about $850 in back taxes and yard cleanup costs.

Now isn’t it crazy that they would give the money for this big bailout back to the banks who put us in this crisis, but not only that do we have now, our “beloved” democracy covering up information that could have helped prevent us from getting even deeper.

And I say America where did we go wrong???

[rECAP] Politics as Usual

September 26, 2008

CBS Interview; Katie Couric w/ Sarah Palin. {Does anyone know what she’s talking about, because I don’t think she knows… lol}

Sen. Obama knows what he’s talking about.  If McCain drops out of tonights debate, he’s really leaving more to be said about the erroneous McCain/Palin campaign.

Sen. Barack Obama gave a press avail in Washington D.C. yesterday.

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September 22, 2008

Tomorrow I’ll be giving y’all some more thoughts on the music industry and new videos. More Obama & more of ME!

Hellomotor says Good-bye

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