Tomlin raises his arms in victory over the Ravens 13-9

Tomlin raises his arms in victory over the Ravens 13-9

Last year’s NFL superbowl champs came to The Burgh and for all those New Yorkers, they didn’t disappoint. The Steelers & the Giants both had identical records before the game, but when the last whistle blew the scoreboard read 21-14 in favor of the NY Giants. Pissed wasn’t the word to describe, as I placed my terrible towel back in it’s spot on the wall until next week, I couldn’t help but to think _what if?
What if James Harrison wouldn’t have snapped the ball over Mitch Berger’s head, causing a safety and a 14-14 tie!
What if Willie Colon wouldn’t have been called for holding on a 49yd toss to Nate Washington?
What if Nate Washington would have caught that pass over the middle instead of getting knocked senseless and dropping the ball right into the opposing teams defense?
What if our leage leading linebacker corps would have register some sacks against ELi?

All these what if’s don’t amount to jack, but i bet they are key things that will be brought up in next week’s prep for the Steelers battle in Washington against another NFC opponent (Redskins). Protection Possession* Pressure (the QB)* 3 things the Steelers need to work on, or it will be more L’s than we can afford.

Good Pick for the Cowboys. ~ Sledgren

Mid Season WTF!! Tell em get a new pinky/ego 4 Romo! ~ Josh

It’s good for the lions! But Roy Williams don’t play defense so f**k Dallas. ~ Pizzle

Pacman’s suspended indefinatley now. lol ~ Sledgren

What did the lions get? ~ Motor

1st, 3rd, & 6th round draft picks. ~ Pizzle

Bears 20 @ Falcons 22 F

Dolphins 28 @ Texans 29 F

Ravens 3 @ Colts 31 F

Lions 10 @ Vikings 12 F

Raiders 3 @ Saints 34 F

Bengals 14 @ Jets 26 F

Panthers 3 @ Buccaneers 27 F

Rams 19 @ Redskins 17 F

Jaguars 24 @ Broncos 17 F

Cowboys 24 @ Cardinals 30 F

Eagles 40 @ 49ers 26 F

Packers 27 @ Seahawks 17 F

Patriots 3 @ Chargers 30 F

[MNF] Giants 14 @ Browns 35 F
This Week’s Winner is: Cash (12-2)

Cash (12-2)

Pizzle (10-4)

Butterz (10-4)

Motor (8-6)

Yates (8-6)

Slungle (7-7)

Sledgren (5-9)

Mieka (4-10)

Josh (DNP)

The Winner overall at the end of the season will win :

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    Wiz Khalifa – Star Power (Mixtape/2008)

When the playoffs begin the prizes will be greater!

  1. A winner will be awared at the end of each week [during the playoffs]
  2. There will be a grand prize winner for the super bowl and overall.

Anyone can join! You must play at least 3 weeks to be eligible for the playoffs. There will be more info on the playoffs at the end of Week 10.

Since the Tennessee Titans drafted cornerback Adam Jones in 2005 he’s been questioned, named or arrested in connection with at least eight off-field incidents:

• Strip club incident

Where: Atlanta

When: April 2005

What: Jones’ name appeared on the police incident report after a fight broke out in a strip club. The female involved said she had no plans to pursue the case and it was dismissed.

• Hotel incident

Where: Nashville

When: June 2005

What: Security officials at Regal Maxwell House Hotel had trouble getting two of Jones’ friends to clear their room after checkout time. Police arrived, smelled marijuana and found some on a tabletop. Jones was in the room, but one of his friends took full responsibility for the evidence.

• Nightclub arrest

Where: Nashville

When: July 2005

What:Jones was arrested on two counts of misdemeanor assault and a felony count of vandalism after a fight at a Nashville nightclub. Charges were dismissed less than a year later.

• Vehicle confiscation

Where: Nashville

When: April 2006

What: Metro Police said a vehicle registered to Jones was involved in a drug trafficking ring. “Pac Man” was embroidered on the leather seats of a 2004 Cadillac XLR which was confiscated from a friend of Jones. Jones later bought the car back at an auction.

• Shots fired

Where: Nashville

When: April 2006

What: Jones was at the scene where gunshots were fired following an altercation at a Nashville gas station at 1:50 a.m. Police questioned Jones but labeled him only as a witness. The incident occurred just three days after the vehicle confiscation.

• Nightclub arrest

Where: Murfreesboro, Tenn.

When: Aug. 2006

What: Jones was arrested and charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, for an incident at Sweetwater Saloon. With six months of good behavior the charges will be dropped, a judge ruled last month.

• Spitting incident

Where: Nashville

When: Oct. 2006

What: Jones was issued a citation for misdemeanor assault after being accused of spitting in the face of a Tennessee State student following a verbal exchange at a downtown nightclub. The charge was dismissed in general sessions court earlier this month.

• Triple shooting

Where: Las Vegas

When: Feb. 2007

What: Jones took a plea deal to reduce felony charges to a gross misdemeanor. He got probation in return for his testimony about the triple shooting that left one man paralyzed.

— The Tennessean



Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones got into a fight with one of his security guards at a downtown Dallas hotel on Wednesday morning, according to Dallas police.

Dallas’ CBS affiliate, KTVT, first reported Wednesday that Jones was involved in an altercation at the Joule Hotel in Dallas, damaging a bathroom.



I guess he won’t be satisfied til, they kick his ass out the NFL (Not For Losers!!!!) Get cha life together Pacman. Straight up.

For this week I brought a couple of my friends in to predict the games (Check it out):

Jeff [11-3]

Sledgren [10-4]

Josh [10-4]

Mieka [10-4]

Motor [9-5]

  • Titans 13 @ Ravens 10 F
  • Chiefs 0 @ Panthers 34 F
  • Bears 34 @ Lions 7 F
  • Falcons 27 @ Packers 24 F
  • Colts 31 @ Texans 27 F
  • Chargers 10 @ Dolphins 17 F
  • Seahawks 6 @ Giants 44 F
  • Buccaneers 13 @ Broncos 16 F
  • Bills 17 @ Cardinals 41 F
  • Patriots 30 @ 49ers 21 F
  • Bengals 22 @ Cowboys 31 F
  • Steelers 26 @ Jaguars 21 F
  • Vikings 30 @ Saints 27 F

This Week’s picks are up! if you’d like to play, my pool is free!!!

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NFL Week 4 – The Breakdown

September 30, 2008

Now this week I’m a do it a little different, from here on out there will be picks up from the upcoming games (that which me and my council will handle) for y’all to see. This week I started out good but ended up  just shy of .500 thanks to my Stiller  boyz!


#21 Mewelde Moore breaks for a big gain in the NFL game breaking play of the night.

  1. [  ] Ravens ( 2-0) @ Steelers (2-1) [♦ ]
  2. [ ♦  ] Browns (0-3) @ Bengals (0-3) [  ]
  3. [ ♦  ] Falcons (2-1) @ Panthers (2-1) [  ]
  4. [  ] Texans (0-2) @ Jaguars (1-2) [ ♦  ]
  5. [ ♦  ] Broncos (3-0)  @ Chiefs (0-3) [  ]
  6. [  ] 49ers (2-1) @ Saints (1-2) [  ♦ ]
  7. [  ] Cards (2-1) @ Jets (1-2)[ ♦  ]
  8. [ ♦  ] Packers (2-1) @ Buccaneers (2-1) [  ]
  9. [  ] Vikings (1-2) @ Titans (3-0)[ ♦  ]
  10. [ ♦  ] Chargers (1-2)  @ Raiders (1-2) [  ]
  11. [  ] Bills (3-0) @ Rams (0-3) [ ♦  ]
  12. [  ] Redskins (2-1) @ Cowboys 3-0) [ ♦  ]
  13. [ ♦  ] Eagles (2-1)  @  Bears (1-2) [  ]

Motor’s Record (7-6)

Both these guys should be fined for this hit!!!

Steelers 101 by Motor

September 23, 2008

The Pittsburgh Steelers are (2-1) going into next week which isn’t bad, but they have a lot to look at after last weeks loss to Philadelphia.  Already this season through the past 3 games the Steelers have given up a whopping 12 sacks. The problems with the offensive line looked to be somewhat under control, but since the beginning of the season we still haven’t been able to keep opposing defenses from getting to our prized quarterback. 

I watched the game against the Eagles and although the line looked bad, Big Ben didn’t look too sharp either, nevertheless, If I was sacked 8 times, (5 which came in one drive) I would be reluctant to step back onto the field as well. Ben took punishment but one paticular play that I recall, He (Big Ben) eludes the defense, steps up in the pocket and still holds onto the ball instead of dumping it off to one of his hot route recievers.  Plays like that are opportunities that shouldn’t be passed up especially when you have a defense taunting you with 8 sacks, a forced fumble, and a saftey.

By the end of the 4th qtr with 2 mins left, the Steelers were still within range of a come from behind win. Byron Leftwich came in and guided the offense all the way down to the Eagles 25yd  where a field goal in any other circumstances may have been efficient, but in this game, not so. I totally agree with Coach Tomlin’s decision to go for it on 4th down, If the Steelers would have kicked the field goal they still would be down by another score and would have to recover the onside kick and once again rush down the field (against a defense that already sacked the O 9 times).

My Report Card:

  • QB’s — D
  • RB’s — C-
  • WR’s — C
  • OL — D
  • DL — B
  • LB’s — B
  • DB’s — C


Give the ball to Fast Willie…

NFL WEEK 3: The Breakdown

September 23, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles running back Correll Buckhalter jumps over a defender and into the end zone for a touchdown in his team's win over the Steelers.

Philadelphia Eagles running back Correll Buckhalter jumps over a defender and into the end zone for a touchdown in his team

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) @ Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)

What started to look like a promising 3-0 start for my hometown Steelers, turned ugly by way of the tough Philly Defense. 8 Sacks, 2 1/5 sacks by Defensive End #75 Juqua Parker plus a forced fumble cause Big Ben to become “one” with the field.

Eagles 15 v. Steelers 6

Atlanta Falcons (2-1) v. Kansas City  Chiefs (0-3)

Rookie QB Matt Ryan went 12 for 18 for 192 yds and 1 TD, while RB Michael Turner has continued to turn this Falcons team into a playoff contending team gaining 104 yds on 23 carries with 3 TDs as the Falcons keep the Chiefs at zero wins for the season.

Chiefs 14 v. Falcons 38

Oakland Raiders (1-2) @ Buffalo Bills (3-0)

After trailing 16-7 entering the fourth quarter, QB Trent Edwards led the Bills to 17 points, including two scoring drives in the final 6:23 to complete the comeback. RB Marshawn Lynch had 2 TDs on the ground to help keep the Bills undefeated.

Bills 24 v. Raiders 23

Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1) @ Chicago Bears (1-2)

Quarterback Brian Griese overcame three interceptions to go 38-of-67 for 407 yards and two touchdowns, and set Tampa Bay up for its winning field goal with a 38-yard pass to Antonio Bryant. Griese’s 67 attempts were the fifth-most in NFL history, three shy of the record held by Drew Bledsoe (70 on Nov. 13, 1994).

Bears 24 v. Bucs 27

Minnesota Vikings (1-2) v. Carolina Panthers (2-1)

Just before halftime, Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield blitzed untouched around the left side, sacked Delhomme, forced a fumble, picked up the ball and ran it back 19 yards for a touchdown that tied the score and turned the momentum of the game.

Panthers 10 v. Vikings 20

My Pick for “GAME OF THE WEEK”

New England Patriots (2-1) @ Miami Dolphins (1-2)

The Patriots had no answer for Brown, who, in addition to a rare touchdown pass, scored four rushing touchdowns — three in the first half — with 117 yards on 17 carries. Give credit to Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning, whose trick play-calling, including three direct snaps to Brown, accounted for four of the Dolphins’ five touchdowns.

Patriots 13 v. Dolphins 38

Cincinnati Bengals (0-3) @ NY Giants (3-0)

Amani Toomer made an acrobatic catch on Eli Manning‘s third-down pass in overtime to help set up the winning field goal. Toomer caught the ball on his finger tips and was able to drag his feet inbounds to keep the drive moving.

Giants 26 v. Bengals 23

 Tennessee Titans (3-0) v. Houston Texans (0-2)

Titans CB Cortland Finnegan squashed any hopes of a late Texans comeback by intercepting Matt Schaub on Tennessee’s 1-yard line and returning it a franchise record 99 yards for a touchdown. The score gave the Titans a 31-12 lead with 1:17 remaining. The pick was Finnegan’s fourth of the season.

Titans 31 v. Texans 12

Washington Redskins (2-1) v. Arizona Cardinals (2-1)

Campbell was sharp for the second straight week as he made several clutch third-down throws, tossed two touchdowns and also showed impressive scrambling ability, twice extending drives by rushing for a first down. He finished 22-of-30 through the air for 193 yards and added 26 on the ground.

Redskins 24 v. Cards 17

New Orleans Saints (1-2) @ Denver Broncos (3-0)

One week after catching 18 balls for 166 yards, Broncos wideout Brandon Marshall (Pittsburgh native) hauled in another six for 155 yards and a touchdown. The score came in the first quarter on a 35-yard pass from Jay Cutler near the back of the end zone in which Marshall dragged his feet to stay in bounds.

Broncos 34 v. Saints 32

San Francisco 49ers (2-1) v. Detroit Lions (0-3)

Frank Gore rushed for 130 yards and a touchdown. His 27 attempts helped the 49ers control the clock in the second half, and his 33-yard run in the first quarter helped set up the 49ers’ first score.

49ers 31 v. Lions 13

St. Louis Rams (0-3) @ Seattle Seahawks (1-2)

T.J. Duckett scored on a 1-yard run with 8:39 left in the fourth quarter. The touchdown capped a 15-play, 86-yard drive to give the Seahawks a 21-point lead.

Seahawks 37 v. Rams 13

Baltimore Ravens (2-0) v. Cleveland Browns (0-3)

The Ravens’ defensive backfield broke the game open in the third quarter. Cornerback Chris McAlister intercepted Derek Anderson and ran the ball back to the 12 to set up the Ravens’ go-ahead TD. On Cleveland’s next series, safety Ed Reed picked off Anderson and dashed 32 yards to the end zone.

Ravens 28 v. Browns 10

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) @ Indianapolis Colts (1-2)

Maurice Jones-Drew got the glory with a 6-yard touchdown in the third quarter, but Fred Taylor did much of the dirty work, pacing the Jaguars with 121 yards on 26 carries. On one punishing 34-yard run in the third quarter, the 32-year-old running back lowered his head and broke at least four tackles to set up Jones-Drew’s go-ahead touchdown.

Jags 23 v. Colts 21

Dallas Cowboys (3-0) @ Green Bay Packers (2-1)

Cowboys RB Marion Barber turned in the Cowboys’ first 100-yard rushing performance of the season, carrying 28 times for 142 yards. When Barber has at least 11 rush attempts, the Cowboys are 22-1.

Cowboys 27 v. Packers 16


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San Diego Chargers (1-2) v. N.Y. Jets (1-2)

Chargers QB Philip Rivers had the start that gives signal callers nightmares. His first pass was intercepted by the Jets’ David Barrett and brought back for a touchdown and his second pass was also nearly picked off. The way he responded to those errors earned him the game ball. He was nearly flawless the rest of the way as he went on to compete 19 of his next 23 passes for 250 yards and three touchdowns.

Chargers 48 v. Jets 29

NFL Week 3: Scoreboard

September 21, 2008

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