If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you get out and vote before the polls close, If your in line while the polling place is closing, you still are allowed to vote. Make sure your not shunned away from the polling place! America we’re way over due for a change!

I’ve been really busy with work, managing all my PR stuff for indie label Heavy Hustle Records and my “9am-5pm” @ the office as a Job Developer Clerk, due to all this my blogging duties have slumped!!! So don’t for one second think that I’m gone, I’ve fell off the face of this ROUND earth (for those of you that still think it’s flat! (lol). I just been busy with life, but hey! that’s what blogging is for, right?

I keep a daily log to myself, just in case stuff like this happens and I can’t blog for a day or so. So I’ll just keep you updated sporadically. I’ll be starring as an extra in a film called “Sorority Row” Monday, so I’ll have some news about that, I don’t know what I’m going to be doing, but I’m hoping that I at least get 3 seconds of screen shots so that I can dub it! (lol) I’m very confident that this won’t be my last movie appearance either. I’m really looking forward to becoming a thespian (sounds like lesbian), so I shall mark this event as my Road to Stardom!

Thanks again for making my blog pop, no don’t stop! (that was corny)



You’ve probably heard the rumors: “Barack Obama is a Muslim.” “John McCain confessed to being a war criminal.” The false rumors, spread by the Internet, have been forcefully and quickly refuted by both campaigns. Analysts say that’s the best way to deal with the lies — but that some rumors are so vague it’s almost impossible to shoot them down.
Obama has already thrashed McCain the last two meetings, I don’t think tonight will be any different.

hell naw! Obama for President, Vote [orDie!]

Gov. Palin came out with a little jitters, but overall they both bored the hell outta me. I was sleep before the end, the moderator wasn’t up to par either, hardly keeping both Sen. Biden & Gov. Palin on time.

[rECAP] Politics as Usual

September 26, 2008

CBS Interview; Katie Couric w/ Sarah Palin. {Does anyone know what she’s talking about, because I don’t think she knows… lol}

Sen. Obama knows what he’s talking about.  If McCain drops out of tonights debate, he’s really leaving more to be said about the erroneous McCain/Palin campaign.

Sen. Barack Obama gave a press avail in Washington D.C. yesterday.

Barack Billion Dollar Bill

September 24, 2008

I came up with an idea that if Barack Obama does become the President of the United States, should he be immortalized into some form of currency (dollars or cents)? I find it an interesting question because if they did decide to do so, whose to say they wouldn’t just make a commemorated coin or dollar bill that isn’t worth any real value. I doubt highly that the consensus would be to replace any other president in exchange for his face, but the way history has been, I feel very strongly that this question isn’t something thats on the minds of many. So I’m bringing to your minds!

Clinton Bashing w/Chris Rock

September 24, 2008

Check out Chris Rock on David Letterman showing his ass, Mr. Rock is obviously having a field day with the political parties, but does he understand the reality that comes with his humor?

As I watched Sen.Barack on 60 minutes last night I took some notes on how I felt he did in that interview. I missed the first segment with Sen.McCain, nevertheless, I watched the second segment for both Senators. What I got from Obama:
*Stood his ground
*Shows Charisma
*Excellent general knowledge
*Very Easy to Comprehend
He talked about the tax rise not being significant to anyone who makes UNDER $250,000 a year, he talked about his focus on realigning our troops in Afghanistan and what his plans are once he is President. Very good piece last night.

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Jeezy on Cnn

September 21, 2008

Atlanta rap artist Young Jeezy has shown his new found motivation, (money isn’t the only) POLITICS! LET’S GO O-BAMA!