[VS] Tyga vs. Wiz Khalifa

October 15, 2008

Ink my whole body – Wiz Khalifa [Star Power/2008]

Fly Definition – Tyga

They Say I look like Tyga man/ I Put some lime in a swisher sweet/ And twist it all up~Wiz

I just touched down in Portland, Maine…went to the radio station & met the DJ for WRED 95.9 who wasn’t 100% sure what part of PA Wiz was from. The plane ride wasn’t long at all either, 15-20 mins after being in my seat my eyes were wide shut. I woke up  to what i thought was irregular turbulence, but we were actually landing.


3pm @ the Hilton Garden Inn, so far it’s looking dry in Portland…No w##d, by this time we’d be smoking good and i’m pretty sure we won’t be disapointed. It’s kinda wild being by the bay especially because I’ve never been this far north.

(Later on that day…) What Up! After getting a little taste of the “Flavor of Love” marathon I took a rest from VH-1 & Look! What do we have here?!!! 7pm and the funk is in da house!!! We smoking Sour-that Sour Diesel (ha ha, thats good smoke if y’all don’t know), but you know how it is when you rolling with “Young Khareefa”.

You can’t get no more official than the Taylor Gang…Stay in the fliest hotels…Smoke the best grade…in a city we know not so well (star life!) It might be hard to believe but we have only begun to take this STAR sh*t to a whole other level. Believe that!

I’ve been many places, seen many faces, & who can blame me for having fun?

Wiz in the studio w/ Rico Wade.


When you gonna return my emails nigga!!!! LOL j/k Wat Up Wiz, I see you doin ya thing!

Wiz Khalifa @ Club Octane, WVU (Sept 18, 2008)

More swag for ya!

Mr. 4-1-Um!!!!

September 24, 2008

It’s Young Khalifa Maaaaaaan! I love this kid! lol where does he come up with his tunes?! Your not getting this type of swag no where else.

The W  in `Swag, Wiz Khalifa y’all…Straight outta Pittsburgh.

Shot outs to my bro(s); StaarLife, Hog-man, Mr. Spacely, Chevy and the whole Taylor Gang!

Here’s the latest from Mr.Spacely himself, 26 blazing new tracks for your life. If you don’t know what swag is then maybe you should study Khalifa & the Taylor Gang…
Wiz Khalifa – Star Power